Information notice – Fall programming to come on August 1st

About us

The SAQ and the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) have proudly combined their missions to offer a varied range of courses that teach participants about the world of wines and spirits and its ties with the culinary arts.


As Canada's largest tourism, hospitality, food service and sommelier training centre, the ITHQ is pleased to give new momentum to SAQ Workshops through an exclusive partnership established with the SAQ in 2015.

In addition to holding the SAQ Wine and Spirits Courses, the ITHQ offers foodies who are eager to learn how to pair fine foods with fine wines to dive in head first with its Wine and Food Pairing Workshops.

Awaken your senses to experience a rich and unique world of tastes and aromas.


A leader in the selection and sale of wines and spirits, the SAQ offered its Les Connaisseurs courses from 1988 to 2010, attracting some 50,000 enthusiastic wine and spirits lovers during this period. With the launch of SAQ Inspire, a new personalized experience for customers, the SAQ has revised its offering to provide a wider range of education opportunities. Its SAQ Workshops were born out of this initiative.

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Our ITHQ-certified instructors are experts in their field and eager to share their passion and knowledge. Workshop participants can count on a lively and spirited time!

Frédéric Beauregard
Frédéric developed a passion and love for wine early on and has been working at the SAQ for 15 years now. Curious by nature, he takes every opportunity to explore the tastes and aromas of wines. Frédéric has a Bachelor's degree in microbiology and he loves to meticulously analyze wines, his starting point for understanding how to build successful food pairings. His goal is to make the sensory world of wines more accessible and less intimidating with an approach that encourages the sharing of enjoyment and experiences.